Data Management Platform.
Sandbox Download
Yava Data Management Platform Sandbox is a single node cluster running over VirtualBox. The sandbox contains components that can be used to start Yava Data Management Platform quickly, perform testing, demo and self-learning purposes.
For detailed instructions about installing and using the Yava Sandbox 2.3, please refer to our Getting Started documentation and User Guide documentation.
If you want to extend the Sandbox capability or create multi node cluster, download repository package. For detail installation please refer to Installation Guide.

Yava Community Edition 18.07

YAVA Sandbox
md5sum: b38dd3855f272df74b857e17f00f599d
File Size: 4.4 GB

Repository Package

Yava Core Package
HDFS 2.7.1, MapReduce 2.7.1, Yarn 2.7.1, Hive 1.2.1, HBase 1.2.1

md5sum: 9c3507064fc9506f1939e9c29e50ea3a
File Size: 1.1 GB
Yava Utility Package
md5sum: d5482942ecbc6b337d000b2ec3bd4491
File Size: 114 MB
Workload Management
Zookeeper 3.4.6, Oozie 4.2.0

md5sum: 3bd6064aa48b2690dcdb9fa37dab8699
File Size: 549 MB
Security Package
Ranger 0.5.0, Knox 0.11.0

md5sum: 181c096aad8278457103ea63ea22446b
File Size: 598 MB
Apache Ambari 2.3.0
md5sum: c896edd3d17085ff845328359eaf815a
File Size: 1.3 GB
Apache Spark 2.1.2
md5sum: f5446b7e6a98daaa0ae6edd846411e9e
File Size: 217 MB
Apache Flume 1.5.2
md5sum: ff7da2eb03bc364bc401b8f73e9d8538
File Size: 26 MB
Apache Sqoop 1.4.6
md5sum: 14dad7f9b8457f678c4270caa2a0c12c
File Size: 29 MB
Apache Solr 6.3.0
md5sum: c2a5b5ca481a130c240d6be7aeb101dd
File Size: 29 MB

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