Operation Intelligent

Our customer, as one of the biggest cellular providers in Indonesia, is on its effort to improve its existing end-to-end process in Operation Intelligent like data processing, capacity, quality and reporting when presenting customer behaviour by addressing these points:

  • The existing ETL process is inefficient and not capable to cover all of site regions. It only processes several machine data sources from each site. Nevertheless, we need to improve the ability, capacity and quality of the ETL for processing large volume of data in multiple types of data sources and in more frequent batches.
  • ETL processing and reporting are depending too much on file collection process. Data incompleteness and other problems in data collection will impact ETL and reporting.

Use Case

  • Collection
  • CDR Inquiry
  • Operations


Operational Intelligent insights enable any business to:

  • Provide faster report to identify unusual issues in customer behaviour
  • Allow faster resolving unusual behaviour in CDR transaction
  • Enable faster management of more data sources with the same/increasing infrastructure capacity

YAVA for HGRID facilitates with these technology advantages:

  • More data type available
  • No dependency to Hadoop Distribution
  • Easy to use in operational and monitoring
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Provide data analysis to support decision making
  • Process large scale data faster
  • More adaptable with user requirement


  • Hadoop
  • HDFS
  • Yarn
  • HGrid247
  • Ambari
  • 3rd party data visualization tools

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